"There are many great events at the Relaxation Centre, but for me this has been the most relevant and helpful in a very long time, here or elsewhere.  This was backed by research, it was sensitively presented, well-paced and informative - I really think this is an important step for me in dealing with a significant life issue."  Anna

"Excellent course - taught me heaps about my pattern of emotion-triggered eating and then the shame that followed. You are such a beautiful, mindful, respectful presenter and an advertisement of personal growth and awareness."  Margie

"What a wonderful, insightful workshop.  Karla is a caring, sensitive presenter who makes everyone feel validated, respected and accepted for who they are and what they feel.  The course is well worth attending if you eat without thinking and your relationship with food is unsatisfying, destructive or lacking enjoyment".  Thea 

"Karla is kind and calm. I came in with thoughts of just listening but felt comfortable sharing my deep feelings about my thoughts right away. The small group was nice too." Cindy

"Wow!  What an empowering course and gift to myself.  It was far more than I imagined.  I'd been thinking about doing the course for a long time.  I'm very glad I finally attended."  Jess

"The light bulb moment that I do what I do was not because of "real" hunger but emotional hunger and emotional needs.  Lots of new insights and connections between things that I hadn't realized."  Mark

"I really enjoyed today's course.  Karla's personal experience in the field and compassionate nature meant it was a safe space to share personal details.  Good balance of exercises, discussion and information.  Excellent, thoughtful training, well delivered.  Thank you."  Lucas

"Very informative, well presented with lots of examples and discussion. I was able to understand more about my patterns and gained useful tips on working with them." Glenda

"Really enjoyed the course. It was very enlightening and the visual experience (guided imagery) was the best. It makes me look at the way I eat much more differently."  Bec

"It felt safe and non-judgmental in today's course which encouraged me to share my feelings and experiences.  The content was really helpful to help me understand how to explore my feelings and the root cause of my issue.  I now understand that this is going to be a process of learning and self-discovery and continued self-growth."   Simon

"Very well presented with realistic examples given that related to the topic"  Beverley

"Made me think about my eating habits, the reasons I eat the way I do and it made me feel like I could start again"  Theresa

"It made me think a lot more about my eating habits, fantastic things covered, I loved the mindfulness eating exercise and the interesting stories"  Erin

"Karla was wonderful. Kind, patient and compassionate. I will definitely take home some strategies"  Kate

"Enjoyable, informative, easy relaxed atmosphere, a new way of addressing my view of food and new useful tools gained"  Izzy

"Great course, Karla was good, speaking simply and in an informed way. I got a lot from the day"  Laura

"This is an excellent course - highly recommended.  It is a whole new way of looking at eating and eventually overcoming emotional eating".  Amber



Seminars and Workshops @ The Relaxation Centre, 15 South Pine Rd, Alderley  www.relaxationcentreqld.org  3856 3733



What's Eating You?  Seminar  Wednesday 28th February 7pm to 9pm.  Repeated on Wednesday 2nd May from 7pm to 8.30pm


Do you often find yourself eating when you know you aren't hungry?

Why do we do this?  Is it boredom, stress or anxiety?

This doesn't make any sense on a logical level but it will make perfect sense when we explore the emotional reasons behind it.

Come tonight for a better understanding about your relationship with food and leave with a good dose of self-compassion.

Cost is $25 which includes teas, coffees and home made biscuits.

If you have special dietary needs, such as Coeliac, you will need to bring your own food.  

Please phone the Relaxation Centre on 3856 3733 to book.



What's Eating You?  Workshop on Sunday 25th March 10.00am to 1.30pm.  Repeated Sunday 27th May 10am to 1.30pm

Learn how to work with your difficult emotions instead of stuffing them down with food.  It is possible for you to turn food into a friend and stop the internal struggle that drains your life energy.

Today, Karla will give you some simple and effective strategies that you can put into immediate use so that you're able to replace mindless eating patterns with a mindful self-compassionate style of eating.

This is not a diet and there are no menus or food restrictions.  This session is all about developing an empowering way of life, bringing benefits in this very important area of eating and at the same time, allowing what you learn to flow into other areas of your life.

The cost is $55 which includes a comprehensive workbook to take home, teas, coffees and home made biscuits.  

If you have special dietary needs, such as Coeliac, you will need to bring your own food.   Please phone the Relaxation Centre on 3856 3733 to book.



The Relaxation Centre background story


Please phone the volunteers at The Relaxation Centre to book into the above courses on 3856 3733.

The Relaxation Centre is located at 15 South Pine Rd, Alderley (diagonally opposite the Alderley Arms Hotel).


Founded in October, 1974, the Relaxation Centre was for years located opposite the Fortitude Valley Police Station.  

"The Relaxation Centre is a unique not-for-profit organisation where everybody is partially or fully a volunteer. We aim to present outstanding high-quality programmes at prices affordable to all people. No individuals own it or receive dividends from it.


The Centre is not connected with any religious denomination or political party and those involved in its day-to-day activities aspire to treat everybody as they themselves would like to be treated. It is funded entirely by course fees, sales and donations and is able to function through the goodwill and generosity of many people - in many ways.

If you would like to get involved by volunteering or to receive a printed colour newsletter five times a year full of programme details, give them a ring.


The Relaxation Centre is the place I have been presenting group workshops since 2004.

Look above for the dates and details of courses I will be presenting here. The Relaxation Centre is famous for their home-made bikkies; these are always available with coffees and teas in the friendly and welcoming environment the Relaxation Centre provides.

You may wish to give them your postal address or email address so that you are on their mailing list to receive a colour copy of their newsletter which includes all courses offered by all presenters. This is a free and invaluable service to receive the newsletter, printed and posted out 5 times a year.

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