"My thoughts again and again go back to the seminar.  I have learned more than I initially thought.   This turned my world around because now I'm not looking for answers from outside any longer.   I keep ‘undieting’.  The biggest change has happened in my mind, I'm so happy I came!"


"I found the workshop to be very beneficial, Karla.  You have certainly changed my mindset about what I am doing.  I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a long time, it’s a great message you are giving.”


“I just want to say I think this is brilliant!  You will save many people's lives, emotionally at a minimum".    Jaye


"I've struggled with dieting, binge eating and my body image for 27 years now, since I was 17.  I've read all the books, bought the programs, tried the more reputable weight loss centres and visited dozens of doctors, counsellors and psychologists.  They all give you basic advice and try to be helpful but nothing has worked for me in the long term.  No-one really understands this issue like you do.  They don't know binge eating and the hell that it is.  You've been there and you honestly know what it's like.  That's why what you are doing is so unique.  I feel like your program is giving me lots of suggestions and options to choose from so I can do this my way.  All the others just tell you what to do and what to eat and I cannot stand to be told what to eat anymore!  That's the difference.  I am just so happy I have found you and to know that you are supporting me with this.  I feel a lot better in this short time and I am already achieving personal goals I never thought would be possible.  Thank you so much Karla"  Cheryl


I can be contacted on: 0411 224 609  

email: karla@lifeafterdiets.com.au 



Life After Diets Office Hours

Tuesday 12 midday to 6.30pm  last appointment at 5.30pm

Wednesday 12 midday to 6.30pm last appointment at 5.30pm


Bookings are essential for all appointments.

Above hours are guidelines only.  Other times may be available by prior arrangement.



Street Address:  145 Days Road, Grange  4051  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Life After Diets is situated on the corner of Days Road and Lanham Avenue at a set of lights at the Grange. 

We're opposite a Puma Service Station and street parking is available along Lanham Avenue.




History of the building:

Life After Diets is located inside this corner shop.  My husband and I bought the shop in 1992.  

This property has been in constant operation as a retail outlet since the 1880's when it was originally a corner store, later run as a bakery, a real estate office, a paint shop and a gas appliance store among other things.

When we first moved here in 1992, living next door were Lil and Franz Hendricks, the owners of the bakery, which operated here for 20 years.  They told us when they moved in, living next door to them was the youngest daughter of the Jesson family, a woman in her 80's.  She told them of the shop history, including her years spent working in the shop as a young girl.



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