The purpose of this blog is to give you a better understanding of why you have this problem with food and to provide you with ideas on how you can change it, through the lens of a non-diet, intuitive eating approach.

It’s a space to explore the contributing factors that maintain your eating issue, including examining common themes in your relationships and your communications, reasons why you self-sabotage and the purpose the eating issue has been serving in your life.

The ultimate goal is to find freedom from this passive-aggressive internal war.  When you truly understand why you do the things you do with food, you will have a lot more awareness, and then acceptance around the whole process.  This acceptance is what gives you the ability to make changes.

I have chosen to use a blog as the medium for this process as a return to the simple things in life - the art of communicating a message via the written word. 

A blog frees me up to share my message honestly, without getting caught up in the need to perform for the demands of popular culture through other forms of social media.  It’s not about me - it’s about ‘we’ as a group of people.

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The Getting of Impulse Control
Learning to surf the emotional waves between instant gratification and delayed gratification can make all the difference in us feeling that we have an element of control in our relationship with food
I Feel Fat, Therefore I Am Fat?
Are we addicted to food or the drama we create when we play the I Feel Fat game?
Exploring the Nothingness
What is your "Nothingness" about and have you ever truly tasted it?
Paralyzed by Perfectionism... and how to walk free
Our addiction to perfection is what causes our emotional pain which morphs into a paralysis. We can learn how to let go and get up and walk free.
Self Nurturing - If it's so good for us, why don't we do it?
Self-Nurturing is a wonderful idea, so why do we struggle to make it a reality in our lives?
Enjoying Your Binges
When we allow ourselves to receive real pleasure and enjoyment, this is the beginning of the self-nurturing cycle and then there is much less need to punish ourselves
What You Think of me is None of my Business
Why do we let other people's comments have such as impact on us?
Eating and Intimacy - a Hunger for Connection
Why is it that every time we eat we also have an experience of intimacy that has its roots in childhood?
Eating as a Substitute for Intimacy
Our love affair with coffee, chocolate and all things sweet are symbolic substitutes for oral intimacy
The Cause of all Addictions
Toxic shame is the core problem in our addictions, compulsions, co-dependencies and the drive to super-achieve
Over-responsibility and Over-eating... Part 1
Do you suffer from the disease-to-please?
Over-responsibility and Over-eating ... Part 2
Eight personality traits of the over-responsible

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